Verione can be tailored to almost every type of business across multiple industries.

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Upgrade your hotel network and introduce automated guest identification upon checking to your suites. Follow the spirit of technology and offer your customers an innovative experience.

Streamline hotel guest services and shorten the waiting time upon checking. You can implement our solution using self-service kiosks, a mobile app or your website.

Financial Institutions

Develop your business in compliance with KYC and AML regulations. Reduce fraud-related risks using efficient verification. Thanks to Verione you can learn about your customers in just a few seconds.

Reduce operational costs by automating the customer onboarding process. Verione will help you grow your business of any financial services on an unprecedented scale.


Unleash the possibilities of your business with automated customer verification. Focus on convenience and comfort by implementing secure identity verification mechanisms based on face recognition.

Thanks to Verione you can instantly verify the age of users who join your system. In special cases, verification may take place anonymously, i.e. without providing an identity document.

Access control

Take care of secure and controlled access to your location or zone (airport, office, laboratory, stadium). Thanks to our face-based authentication that compares biometric features of the face, you will be able to authorize people by searching their image in your database.

The Verione system is perfect for online and offline environments and the available integration methods will allow you to use the maximum potential of the service. The analyzed image can come from industrial cameras, scanners or cctv.

Retail & e-commerce

Offer your clients an innovative approach to transaction authentication. Use Verione’s face recognition system and instantly gain a competitive advantage.

The Verione system will extract data from the ID document and convert it into digital information. Your customers will no longer have to manually fill the forms, thanks to which you will avoid the risk of mistakes and intentional errors.

Shared mobility

When offering short-term mobility services (car-sharing, scooters, bicycles) you should know who your customers are. Advanced technology used as part of the Verione service will provide you with relevant information.

SaaS-based Verione will help you increase conversion rates and your profits. You can achieve it all by shortening the process of registration of new users and providing them with a unique experience.