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Biometric identity verification

With our biometric real-time identity verification you will always know who your client is. Compare your customer’s selfie to the photo from the identity document and find out if this is the same person within seconds.

This is a perfect product for:

Face-based authentication

Our face recognition technology is intuitive, seamless, fast and accurate. Improve your  primary or secondary user authentication process by implementing biometric analysis.

This solution will work for:

ID & age verification

Make your onboarding process simple and free of typos. Catch the data from ID document and convert it into digital information in the real-time. Your clients must remain anonymous? No problem – we can verify their age by analyzing their selfies only!

This functionality suits to:

System management platform

Verione biometric identity verification system comes with easy-to-use online dashboard. This web-based platform allows you to modify system core settings, review scans, export customer data or generate reports.